10/05/17 - New Facilities at Piedade City - SP

After the strategic undertaking of ECIL ENERGIA, looking for improvements of the operation process and product development, in 2017, Ecil Group passed to administrate of the company.

The corporate restructuring was consolidated with an important capital injection with positive consequences for  ECIL ENERGIA and its customers, providing an integrated management with other companies of the group, optimizing processes and resources, creating additionally a better executive dynamism.

ECIL Group has been present in the Brazilian market for more than 87 years. It is a family organization with a solid financial and management structure, working in manufacturing, process industry (steel, chemical and petrochemical industries, paper and pulp, food and pharmaceuticals) and energy.

Following this dynamism, since 10/04/17 our factory is in a 3500m² building, located at the city of  Piedade - SP, with an entire infrastructure to support the customers and business partners. Ecil Energia maintains an office in Barueri - SP, concentrating the staff of Development Engineering (R&D) and Sales Department.

This movement emphasizes our confidence in the Brazilian market, investing equity in new segments and products that will soon be available to the market.


Ecil Energia is a Brazilian company, with Ecil Group’s tradition and strength, founded in 1929, and it is a leading provider in its market segments through ability to respond quickly to technological, regulatory and economic changes.

Working in the efficiency improvement of the transmission network and electric power distribution operation, ECIL Energia has its own teams to develop local solutions, always prioritizing our customer’s reality, regarding to the adaptability, speed and implementation capacity.