eSIP Automation and Protection Systems


With the large scale computing systems arrival, associated to data networks, the corporations identified the possibility to systematize the various administrative and financial systems on integrated computing systems, the so called ERP's (Entreprise, Research, Production) which express, by means of several software modules, the way to operate a business from is administrative and financial point of view.

Ecil Energia has developed its eSIP – Process Integrated System, under this same optical, but focusing on the process of generating and transmitting electric power.

The eSIP system was developed to integrate the several sub-systems of the process, either the supervisor, analysis, maintenance, safety software, or any other one having direct application on the process, gathering data furnished by all the equipments making part of the system, such as protective relays, digital recorders, remote, cameras, video cameras and equipment to maneuver.

This integration shall enable a standardized management of power generation and transmission, resulting in a sinergy among the diversified sub-systems, with a consequent result over the improvement of the quality with the consequent result in the improvement of the indices of quality of energy supplied, in addition to significant reductions in costs of operation and maintenance of electrical plant.

The eSIP system operates under a process network, with the purpose of integrating the several equipment which makes part of an electric plant, providing to each device, management mechanisms adequate to the information passed through as well as access control systems to the various equipment and sub-systems of the process.

The eSIP functional structure is based on the generation of a data base of consistent process and duly synchronized, of all the equipments of the system. From this basis, the several sub-systems shall be stored with the process information pertinent to each specific functionality. So, a maintenance system may automatically receive information with regard to the maneuver equipment operations, as well as CFTV systems may be integrated to supervisor software for the equipment yard's control and view.

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