Group History

Ecil Energia develops and offers products and services with innovative technological content, compatible with the international “state of art” and according to Brazil’s electricity market conditions, providing to the customers immediate productivity gains and real possibilities of action in the Smart Grid environment.

Ecil Energia is a Brazilian company, with Ecil Group’s tradition and strength, founded in 1929, and it is a leading provider in its market segments through ability to respond quickly to technological, regulatory and economic changes.

Working in the efficiency improvement of the transmission network and electric power distribution operation, ECIL Energia has its own teams to develop local solutions, always prioritizing our customer’s reality, regarding to the adaptability, speed and implementation capacity.

ECIL Timeline


Foundation of Ecil – Empresa Comercial Importadora Ltda.
On 11/18/1929.


Start of manufacturing of industrial controllers and recorders. Moving to Piedade – Ecil SA.


Start of alternators manufacturing for railway use (the 1st product


Installation of a drawing facility for the production of mineral insulated cables for thermocouples.


Start of production of conventional thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Moving to São Paulo.


Creation of Ecil P&D for manufacturing of Distributed Control System (DCS). In 1991 is associated with Yokogawa,  creating the Ecil Yokogawa.

Accreditation in the Thermometry Laboratory by INMETRO. Ecil becomes the 1st manufacturer of temperature sensors to have an accredited laboratory. 


Ecil Informática 
Supply of self-service platform to Banco do Brasil.


Establishment of Ecil Informática – manufacture of industrial computers.


Ecil Informática
Supply for self-service platform to Banco do Brasil.



Beginning of activities of Ecil Informática as an integrator of solutions for mobile telephony. Supply of Automation Platform for Copel (UTRs).


Ecil Informática
Supply of pre-payment platform for Vivo (45 million clients). Beginning of R&D in Smart Grids in ZigBee.


Ecil is internationalized with the acquisition by Reliacheck Manufacturing Inc., Ohio, USA.


Ecil Informática
Supply of Protection Supervision System for 58 SEs of CTEEP (SICAR).


Ecil Informática
Installation of Screen Protection and Chesf Protection Supervision Systems (VITAL system).


Ecil Informática
Supply of reclosers to AES Eletropaulo. 2009 = 1,000 units. 2010/11 = 1,330 units.


Ecil Informática
Beginning of R&D in smart meters (approved by INMETRO in 2011).


Digitalization of 37 SEs for Elektro.


Ecil Informática assumes a new visual identity and now signs its brand as Ecil Energia.


In InovCity Aparecida, Brazilian’s Pilot Project, Ecil Energia is installing 15,300 smart meters.