JADE Merging Unit


JADE Merging Unit is a Process Bus equipment, based on IEC61850 standard, responsible for interfacing with the electrical signals from the field, providing real-time acquisition of voltage and current, digital inputs and driving digital outputs, with fiber optic communication over IEC61850-9.2-SMV protocol, can be installed directly on the equipment in the field.

Project developed in partnerhip with AES Eletropaulo, according to R&D ANEEL rules.

The process of scanning substations enters a new phase, in which the intensive use of Process Bus will be widely adopted.

JADE Merging Unit has been specially developed to meet this new demand, allowing the data collection in real time from the information on current, voltage and status, replacing the various copper wires field for a single optical cable.

Fully adherent to the IEC-61850-SMV-9.2 protocol in its Light Edition version and is compatible with various protection relays that meet the same standard, functioning as a data server for process bus. Thus, the information sampled by the JADE merging Unit can be shared by several IEDs, without the need for duplication of field signals.

JADE can be used in applications generating, transmission and distribution of electricity in installations of any size, resulting in qualitative gains, streamline projects, and quantitative reduction in installation costs.

1 – First SE with true-process bus in Latin America;
2 – Virtualization of automation and control functions;
3 – Elimination of the control cable control on SE's field.