Measurement Gateway


The Measurement Gateway establishes a new way to manage the domestic functionalities, complying with the needs of modern life. By way of the Measurement Gateway, the users are able to remotely manage their home, even with the thousands of miles away, through the network web.

By adding IT (Information Technology) tools to products and control technologies through home wireless networks, the Measurement Gateway provides managing and control functionalities of water, gas and power consumption, as well as supplies the products for remote control of all domestic equipments (heaters, air conditioning, lighting, etc.) besides home video cameras.

The services available at the Measurement Gateway may be easily hired by the Administrators or by the joint ownership themselves which may offer a differentiated level of services to their owners.

The Measurement Gateway team is prepared to offer all services, covering the equipments and systems' installation for home remote management, the technological infrastructure maintenance, in addition to the water, gas and power information's collection and lodging of each home unit.



There are two ways to make the installation of the equipments needed for home remote management. Through the use of devices requiring cabling for their connection by means of devices which use wireless communication by radio frequency, making use of a new technology named ZigBee, in network.

The Measurement Gateway holds the client's needs most adequate solutions for each situation. The solutions were developed by associate Companies which maintain a strong technical and business bond with the Measurement Gateway t eam and retain the technological domain over the products and solutions herein presented.