Power Grid Automation

Ecil Energia develops and supplies Reclosers and Load Breakers for on overhead distribution lines and substations, ready for the Smart Grid environment.

Specially in Brazilian Power Utilities, Ecil Energia has more than 7,000 reclosers installed, benefiting over 32 million energy end-users with more reliable and quality power. The products are installed in over 12 Brazilian states, serving major power utilities, among them: AES Eletropaulo, Celesc, Celg Distribuição, Cemar, Cemig, Ceron, CPFL Energia, Grupo Energisa, Coelce Endesa, EDP Bandeirante e EDP Escelsa, Elektro, Eletrobras and RGE.

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Reclosers are automated equipments for distribution automation, designed to operate in the power distribution networks or substations, usually in 13.8kV to 27kV circuits. Its working principle is based on the automatic detection of a fault in the power network, opening the circuit an reconecting the load, following presets of protection philosophy.


It is still common to use breakers with insulation medium by oil or gas SF6, however, the field for vacuum breaker is expanding, for example when used instead of the traditional section breakers. For voltage up to 24kV, the vacuum breaker present great advantage comparing to SF6 switches.

The SF6 circuit breakers were developed at first for the high voltage networks and then extended to medium voltage networks. The vacuum circuit breakers, however, were already developed to apply in medium voltage, at the transmission and distribution of energy, besides the industry. The application spectrum comprises from generators circuit breakers to power source in railways, both in substations and engines, and also power supply to explore mines or safe supply to ships.

Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages of using vacuum breakers is the fact this switch is maintenance free, over the entire product's life, which in our case exceeds 50,000 cycles at the rated current.

Following there are some applications where our vacuum breakers are commonly used:
• Protection and sectioning in industrial installation;
• Pumping stations;
• Railway systems;
• Thermal and Hydroelectric power stations;
• Medium voltage engine start;
• Unit substations;
• Load distribution boards;
• Interconnection boards.