Remote Data Acquisition

  RT- 5022 Remote

ANATEL: Approval Certificate

RT-5022 is the perfect solution for “Remote metering”, “Monitoring” and “Supervision” systems. Its main function is to acquire data obtained from power metering units, read billing and establish connection with the central communication system.

Remote’s management software operates on an Embedded Linux platform and communication with the control center is through GPRS (Quad band).

Remote has two interfaces for GSM chip, allowing redundancy of carriers, RS-232 serial interfaces, USB Host 2.0 interface, Ethernet, etc.

• Use of SMS (Short Message Service) in case of communication failure;
• Communication with the main power meter protocols (ABNT 14522);
• Communication via GPRS (TCP/IP) and via packages (two-way SMS/email). In case of SMS/email, the system may consider a list of preregistered addresses.
• Automatic message programming timers for ABNT (National Technical Standard Association) commands for (single or composite) responses and preprogrammed events for alarms, frauds and technical problems;

• Remote firmware update.