Retrofit Services in Reclosers

  Retrofit in Reclosers

Retrofit is a technological upgrade of former reclosers installed in suppliers and/or substations that allows inclusion of new functionalities in the equipment, through installation of a new control panel, equipped with microprocessed relay.

The control panel has the latest technologies existing in the area of protection, control and monitoring. In complement, a review is conducted in the internal mechanism of the switch, adapting it for performance of the new functionalities.

Intended for electric power concessionaires, retrofit allows considerable gains in the recloser’s features, such as optimization in equipment performance in the aspect of protection, incorporating a quality identical or superior to that of modern reclosers and reduction in operational and maintenance procedures.

• The retrofit service is mainly intended for vacuum three-phase reclosers of 15 and 24 kV.

To know more about other types and brands of reclosers, consult Ecil Energia.