The electric power substations are divided into levels, as follows:

    LEVEL 0
    Primary equipment for protection or transformation of power is responsible for treating the high voltage received from the transmitters and, depending on the type of substation, can step it up or step it down to predetermined levels.

    • Equipment: Transformers, Capacitor Banks, Reactor Banks, Voltage Transformers, Current Transformers, Reclosers, etc.

    LEVEL 1
    Equipment responsible for protection and automation of level 0 equipment, all level 0 devices need equipment for their protection and automation, this method aims at improving the efficiency of substations, preventing unnecessary disconnections or even blackout.

    • Equipment: Protective Relays, Data Acquisition Units, Remote Terminal Units, etc.

    LEVEL 2
    Known as supervisory, has the main function of concentrating the information received from level 1 and making it available through local interface to the substation’s operators
    and distributing it to level 3.

    • Equipment: Gateways, Concentrating PCs, local Workstation Computers and HMI PCs.
    • Softwares: Sage, Elipse, Subnet, etc.

    LEVEL 3
    It is the supervisory system installed in the operation center of the generators, transmitters and distributors. It is responsible for the monitoring and operation of all the company’s substations, thus allowing decision-making by the system operators.

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    • Designs;
    • Integration;
    • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT);
    • Site Acceptance Test (SAT);
    • Panel Assembly;
    • System Configuration;
    • Installation and Commissioning;
    • Substation Digitalization;
    • Substation Modernization
    • Implementation of SCADA System (SAGE & ELIPSE);
    • Training.

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    • ELEKTRO: Digitalization of 43 Substations | Transformer Bays, Line Input, Supplier.
    • CHESF: Digitalization of 8 Substations | Bays: 345-kV Transformer, 230-kV Line, Bar Protection, Capacitor Bank.
    • CTEEP: Digitalization of 3 Substations | Bays: 230-kV Transformer, 13.8-kV Supplier, Ancillary Services.
    • FURNAS: Digitalization of 3 Substations | Bays: 500-kV Transformer/345-kV Line.
    • ENERGISA: Digitalization of 2 Substations | Bays: 69-kV Transformer/69-kV Line/
    13.8-kV Suppliers.

    Vital and Sicar
    • Integration of 5,000 IEDs.
    • Vital & Sicar Systems installed in 222 Substations:
    - 90 CHESF Substations, 118 CTEEP Substations, 10 ABENGOA Substations and 4 ENERGISA Substations.

    • AES Eletropaulo – Overhead Network Field Topology Survey.

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